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Real-life experiences, practical training and rigorous academic standards coupled with unwavering support set you up for success. Students depend on close advising from faculty and staff, mentoring from industry professionals, and help through College and campus programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the links below, let us know.


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Programs & Activities

Engagement is key to UA Engineering education. All students have opportunities for internships, research and design projects. The Craig M. Berge Engineering Design Program ensures undergraduates at all levels do real-world projects in the community and with industry.

Student Resources

See College Life for more on programs and activities.


Services & Support

The College is there for all of its students from Day 1, ensuring you are quickly connected to faculty, resources and friends and sustaining support through advising, study groups, scholarships, leadership communities and career development.

Student Resources

Visit Current Students to access additional services and support.

The UA College of Engineering has an undergraduate freshman retention rate of more than 90 percent.

Academic Policies & Procedures

We know there’s a lot happening in your life. You need information now. From declaring a major to reviewing general education requirements, we’ve got you covered. And academic advisers are ready to help you navigate the processes.

Student Resources

Get more answers to common academic questions.