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14 Engineering Majors to Start You on Your Path

Earn a bachelor of science in engineering, and get ready to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. Roll up your sleeves and work alongside some of the University of Arizona’s brightest students, most recognized researchers and expert industry partners all with the same goal: Help people live better lives.

Aerospace Engineering
Solve problems in flight and space exploration

Biomedical Engineering
Improve medical diagnostics, treatment and therapy

Biosystems Engineering
Manage energy, soil and water resources

Chemical Engineering
Change raw materials into valuable products that can be manufactured sustainably

Civil Engineering
Build sustainable, resilient cities and infrastructures

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advance power systems, cybersecurity, self-driving cars, wireless technology and biomedical devices

Engineering Management
Prepare to run a business or launch your own high-tech firm

Environmental Engineering
Help ensure the purity of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

Industrial Engineering
Make products and services better, safer, easier to use, less expensive and more efficient

Materials Science and Engineering
Create devices for solar energy, information technology and medicine

Mechanical Engineering
Design automobile parts, biomedical systems, robots and machine tools

Mining Engineering
Gain expertise in mine operations, geomechanics, sustainable resource development and mineral processing

Optical Sciences and Engineering
Design lenses, microscopes, telescopes, lasers and fiber optics

Systems Engineering
Manage complex space, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare and environmental systems over their life cycles

There's plenty of time to decide which major is right for you. Most engineering students spend their first year at the University of Arizona with no major selected – immersed in interdisciplinary design classes and taking required courses.

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Requirements for admission to the UA College of Engineering vary depending on whether you are an incoming freshman, international student, transfer student or current UA student.

An education at the University of Arizona is ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek as the best return on investment in the state.

Estimated tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is $11,400 for Arizona residents and $32,600 for out-of state students. Financial aid is available, and the University and College of Engineering offer a number of scholarships to help offset tuition and fees.



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Engineering is not an easy major. Yet the UA College of Engineering has a 91 percent first-year
retention rate, far higher than the national average. We pair some of our best instructors with
freshmen; provide hands-on, interactive learning; and offer a number of advising, tutoring and
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