We Look Forward to Welcoming You to the UA College of Engineering

Admissions Guidelines

Requirements for transfer student admission to the UA College of Engineering are detailed below. Students apply through the UA application system to the University of Arizona College of Engineering.

If you are transferring from Pima Community College, please visit Pima Transfer Students for specific guidelines.

High school seniors with dual enrollment or community college credit are required to apply as Incoming Freshmen.

If you are not a transfer student, please see the appropriate admission guidelines.

Undergraduate admissions: transfer students

Transfer students typically make up 10 to 15 percent of the College’s incoming class.

Academic Requirements

  • 2.5 or higher transferable GPA (as determined by the UA Office of Admissions)

  • Calculus I credit (If you received a grade of C in Calculus I, II or III, higher grades in additional math, science and engineering transfer coursework will be required.)

Academic Requirements

Transfer Student Advising

Joseph McCollough

Joseph (Dr. Joe) McCollough

Academic Advisor

Engineering 200

Admission Notification

You will receive your admission decision via email and a paper admissions packet. Once you have been admitted to the University of Arizona and the College of Engineering, log in to the Next Steps Center and complete the following:

• English placement (if needed)

• Select UA Transfer Orientation Session

• Complete Transfer Student Academic Preview (Follow instructions under the College of Engineering Advising tab.)

• Submit your immunization records

Remember, all of these steps must be completed before you can register for classes.

Current UA Students

If you were not admitted to the College of Engineering but were admitted to another college at the UA and are interested in reapplying to the College of Engineering, see the requirements for Changing Your Major to Engineering.


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